chromogenic prints

edition #1 size:  291/2” x 341/2”

edition #2 size:  153/4” x 181/2”

2001 - 2007

 The Insertions connect the urban architectural corpus with the human form, making the two interdependent. In 4 Urban Contests and 5 Urban Rescues, Type A began to use the cityscape as a playground and a stage for acting out ritualized, and often absurd, competition. The Insertions are these states made static. Merging with the stationary, Type A offers the body as a structural integration within a faceless stage. What was kinetic becomes load bearing, and what was ludic becomes presumptuous, even arrogant; these structures, we're led to believe, cannot stand without the body's presence. Perhaps that's where a thread of competition can still be found. The form remains anonymous, often disembodied, sometimes completely absent save for the evidence of a shadow